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Off-season hiking in the Gorges de la Dourbie

Randonnée hors saison dans les Gorges de la Dourbie - Camping La Dourbie en Aveyron
There are times when it is good to hike.
Spring, with its explosion of fragrant and multicoloured flowers, is THE season to discover the Dourbie Gorges and their surroundings
From April, your favourite 4-star campsite welcomes you for a weekend or a longer stay.

Find out more and make your reservations. Off-season hiking in the Dourbie gorges has many followers.
And it's quite normal, the plateau is so beautiful at this time of the year...

Sumptuous hike in the Gorges de la Dourbie

You are walking on the “Causse”. The first ray of sunlight caresses a blade of grass, right there at your feet. And then everything goes very fast. The area in front of you suddenly lights up.
It's like a sudden blaze, and a whole palette of colours comes into view.
The beauty of the picture is breath-taking. You are touched to the core!

Going for a 4-day walk in the Dourbie Gorges means enjoying a spectacle that is as intense as ever and yet different every day.

You won't believe your eyes, so beautiful is this region!

Contrasting landscapes, composed of vast expanses of causse, ledges and cliffs in the hollow of which the Dourbie flows, await you.
The panoramas are incredible and dazzlingly beautiful.
The generous and abundant flora floods the landscape with fragrant colours...

And the silence.
If you are one of those hikers who like peace and quiet, you will appreciate going for a morning walk. In the smell of fresh mornings, after the dew, when the caressing sun accompanies the mild temperatures.

Friends’ hikers, enjoy these simple pleasures and don't worry about anything!
Take it easy and discover all these beautiful landscapes.

By choosing Camping La Dourbie, you entrust your peace of mind to us. We will take care of everything, and you will have a great holiday!

4-star campsite: your stopover at the end of your trip

Are you planning to go hiking in a group in the south of France?

La Dourbie campsite is waiting for you.
In the heart of the Dourbie Gorges lies our 4-star campsite, which offers accommodation during the off-season.

Do you dream of exploring the Larzac and Black plateaus on foot or by mountain bike?
Camping la Dourbie opens its doors to you in April.

If you are looking for wild and unspoilt places, for a quiet and peaceful holiday, choose the well-being of a 4-star campsite in the Gorges de la Dourbie

For holidays with a group of friends or family, our establishment offers you the greatest comfort, even out of season!

With the sense of service that has made our reputation, we do everything possible to make your stay unforgettable and as pleasant as possible.
We can prepare your meals while you discover the region.
You are on holiday: no more mental burden and time spent shopping.

Ask us and we will prepare your lunch box if you decide to go on a day trip.

That's the quality of the welcome in South of France!

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful region with many unspoilt areas.
We want you to discover the beauty of our surroundings of which we are so proud.
And we have a great sense of hospitality.

You won't regret choosing Camping la Dourbie for your sporting holiday 

Located in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel in Aveyron, between Causses and Cévennes, the La Dourbie**** campsite is 30min from Millau and its viaduct and Roquefort.
+33 (0)5 65 46 06 40
Route de Nant - 12230 Saint-Jean-du-Bruel
Open from 25th april to 23th november 2023