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For hiking in Aveyron: 4-star camping accommodation

Camping holidays stay in Aveyron, Camping La Dourbie
Look no further!
The 4-star La Dourbie campsite welcomes you to the South Aveyron from April.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the welcome and services provided by this very comfortable campsite, even if you choose to come in a group for an off-season holiday.

Close your eyes and breathe... Can you feel the freedom, the peace and quiet?

That's what you can experience during your off-season holiday in the south of France.

The team at La Dourbie campsite in Aveyron will take care of everything, even your meals.

You will still have to choose your walks and hikes! ...…

A 4-star campsite in the heart of a breathtaking nature

The 4-star La Dourbie campsite is situated in a valley overlooked by two causses: the Causse Noir and the Causse du Larzac..
These limestone plateaus offer extraordinary landscapes. Vast stretches of wilderness, where you can discover colourful flora in springtime.

To enjoy this beauty is a rare privilege. And putting down your luggage at the Dourbie campsite will allow you to feast your eyes throughout your stay.

From the beginning of spring, nature explodes with beauty. The causses are adorned with brightly coloured flowers contrasting with the green valleys.
From April onwards, enjoy this dazzling spectacle all day long!

And because the heat is not overwhelming, in the off-season you can walk around the causses at any time. At this time of year, the sun is still caressing. And the magnificent nature, with its young shoots, is a treat for the eyes.

An off-season holiday home in a 4-star campsite

Arnaud, Thomas, and the whole team open the doors of their 4-star campsite and welcome you for your off-season holidays.
From April onwards, they offer comfortable accommodation for your evenings, whether festive or quiet, after days of sport.

Whether you like hiking or mountain biking, plan your stay in Sud-Aveyron in the off-season.

You will be so calm there!

Neither heat stroke nor sunstroke are to be feared at this time of year. You can practice your favourite sport in complete peace of mind.
And to add an extra dose of peace and quiet, La Dourbie campsite offers two options: half-board or full-board.

  • Half board includes overnight accommodation, breakfast and dinner;
  • Full board includes lunch.

And the good news is that if you don't want to go back to the campsite for lunch, you can count on the packed lunch provided.

Go for a day hike and enjoy a picnic in the spring sunshine.
Make the most of your stay in the heart of the unforgettable landscapes of the causses of southern Aveyron..

Sporting holidays in a group where pleasure, relaxation and rest for all can be savoured every day.

Off-season holidays and unspoilt nature in the South of France

La Dourbie campsite is located in the valley of the same name in the south of France.

Ideally positioned for those who love hiking in the middle of nature, it gives easy and direct access to the surrounding Causses.
OK, so you have to climb a bit... the Causses and the views they offer are well worth it!
The 4-star La Dourbie campsite is close to the start of many hiking trails.

From April onwards, the campsite opens its doors and offers off-season group stays.
For nature lovers who want to discover nature in all its springtime splendour.

Come and discover the South Aveyron and enjoy the mildness of spring in this beautiful region.. Whether you are looking for a short hike or a longer hike, you are sure to find what you are looking for.
The causses will hold many pleasant surprises for you in between seasons!

Located in Saint-Jean-du-Bruel in Aveyron, between Causses and Cévennes, the La Dourbie**** campsite is 30min from Millau and its viaduct and Roquefort.
+33 (0)5 65 46 06 40
Route de Nant - 12230 Saint-Jean-du-Bruel
Open from 25th april to 23th november 2023